I Work Zone N.A.

BMW Dealers believe the most rewarding careers FIT who we are as individuals. If you love what you do and feel empowered doing it, success will likely follow. But finding the perfect career isn’t always easy.


In an effort to build the best teams possible, some BMW Centers have partnered with iWorkZone to give you free access to their Career FIT Assessment.


The Career FIT Assessment will give insight into who you are and why you enjoy the things you love. It will also identify behavioral and work interests that can help put you on the path to a satisfying career.


It takes less than 20 minutes and a complementary Job Seeker FIT Report will be immediately available upon completion. The report will help match your personality and talents with the kind of jobs, teams and situations that are best for you, whether in the automotive industry or not. And, based on your results, you could be the right FIT for a position at a BMW Center near you.