Development Associate
VNA of Texas recognizes that our success is because of our amazing employees!  Because of that, we use an assessment called the Talent Selfie® FIT Test provided by iWorkZone. This unique assessment tool goes far beyond typical personality testing.  It looks at that outward behavior of a person, and it also dives deep into what is called work type interest, which is the unique inner wiring of a person. It's literally their Talent D.N.A. Understanding what makes our current employees so amazing will help us as we add new members to our team in the future, and it lets us know how we can better communicate with you each day.  The goal as you take it is to just have fun with it, don't linger too long on any question, and go with your initial instincts.  
The whole process should take about 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  Just click this "Let's Get Started" link below to begin. Once you enter your name and info, on the next page you can select English or Spanish to complete it.  The link IS case sensitive, so it must be copied exactly as shown or it won’t work properly.  It is live and ready to use.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Thanks for participating!